Dr. PGNG Yinni

Journal Articles

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(2016)(with M.H. Wong) “Who Takes Care of My Left-behind Children? Migrant Mothers and Caregivers in Transnational Child Care.” Journal of Family Issues, Vol. 37(14): 2021-2044. (Impact factor: 1.696; 5-y IF: 1.984; Ranking: 16/43 in Family Studies)

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Book publications:
(2013). “Technomobility in China: Young migrant women and mobile phones”, by Cara Wallis, The China Quarterly, Vol. 215: 776-778.

(2017)“Building China: Informal Work and the New Precariat”, by Saran Swider, American Journal of Sociology, vol. 122 (4): 1319-1321.