Prof. Si-ming Li

Journal Articles
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Conference papers
• (2011) "Precarity as a Real-life Experience: A Study of Temporary Migrants in Villages-in-the-city in Guangzhou" (authored with Huimin Du, PhD student, GEOG, HKBU) at the International Symposium on the Production and Mutation of China's New Urban Spaces: State, Market, and Society, Guangzhou, PRC, 17-18 December.

Book Chapters
• (2012). Financial tsunami, eastward shift of economic centre of gravity, and property bubbles in East Asia: The case of Hong Kong, Li, S. M., Huang, C. L., & Sit, V. (Eds.), in Economic cooperation between China and East Asia post financial tsunami, pp.322-337. Hong Kong: Joint Publishers), In Chinese.

Book and Journal Special Issue Edited
• (2012). Economic cooperation between China and East Asia post financial tsunami, Li, S. M., Huang, C. L., & Sit, V. Eds. Hong Kong: Joint Publishers. In Chinese

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Book Review
• Review of Li Zhang: In search of Paradise: Middle-Class Living in a Chinese Metropolis. China Quarterly, No. 207, September 2011, pp. 750-751.