Prof. TANG, Wing Shing

Journal Articles

 (2017) Beyond gentrification: hegemonic redevelopment in Hong Kong. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (online August. DOI:10.1111/1468-2427.12496).

(2016)(with Lee, J.W.Y.) The hegemony of the real estate industry: redevelopment of ‘Government/Institution or Community’ (G/IC) land in Hong Kong. Urban Studies (DOI: 10.1177/0042098016679607).

(2016)(with Yip,  M. K-C.) 灣仔進教圍的空間故事:香港城市發展軌跡中的天主教城市社區。The spatial story of St. Francis’s Yard: A Catholic urban community echoing the urban development trajectory of Hong Kong (in Chinese). Hong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies《天主教研究學報》7, 155-77.

 (2015) Creative industries, public engagement and urban redevelopment in Hong Kong: cultural regeneration as another dose of isotopia? Cities. (published on-line in 1 October, 2015 with DOI:10.1016)

(2012)(with J.W.Y. Lee and M.K. Ng)  Public Engagement as a Tool of hegemony: the case of Designing the New Central Harbourfront in Hong Kong. Critical Sociology 38, 83-100 (published on-line in 13 September with DOI: 10.1177/0896920511408363).

Book publications:
 (2016) (with M. K-C. Yip) <土地開発体制主導下の高密度都市における香港住民の日常生活>。刊於全泓奎主編《包摂都市を構想する―東アジアにおける実践》。法律文化社,京都,頁92-103 (The Everyday Life Practices of Residents in High-density Sham Shui Po District and the Unchallenged Land (Re)development Regime. In H.G. Jeon (ed), Towards an Inclusive City: Practices in East Asia. Horitsu Bunka Sha, Kyoto, 92-103 (in Japanese).

 (2014)(with Lee, W.Y.) <城市空間與廣東文化>。刊於文潔華主編《香港嘅廣東文化 》。商務,香港,頁161-77。

(2014) Where Lefebvre meets the East: urbanization in Hong Kong. In L. Stanek, C. Schmid and Á. Moravánszky (eds), Urban Revolution Now. Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and Architecture. Ashgate, Surrey, 71-91.

 2014)(with Smart, A.) On the threshold of urban Hong Kong: liminal territoriality in New Kowloon. In A. C. Dawson, L. Zanotti and I. Vaccaro (eds), Negotiating Territoriality: Spatial Dialogue between State and Tradition. Routledge, London, 230-48.

(2014) Governing by the state: a study of the literature on governing Chinese mega-cities. In P.O. Berg and E. Björner (eds), Branding Chinese Mega-Cities: Strategies, Practices and Challenges. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 42-63

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