Prof. C.W. Wong, Victor

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers
• (2012) “Policy and practice of youth development’, in proceedings of youth forum 2012: Youth policy and youth development in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Macao: Social Affairs and Culture Bureau, Maco SAR, pp. 17-26 (in Chinese)

• (2011) "Problems and Needs of Disengaged Youth" to the CPU members (full-time and part-time) organised by the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government held in the Legislative Council, 26 November.

• (2011) "Youth Participation: Models and Approaches" to a group of social workers and youth workers in Macau by the Education and Youth Bureau, Macau SAR Government, 27 November.

Book Publication
• (2012) Youth and social withdrawal: Myths and way out. Hong Kong: Red Publish, pp. 82-101 (in Chinese)

• (2012) (with Chan, K.F. & Shiu, K.C.) (eds) Storying social welfare in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Red Corporation, in Chinese, 254 pages