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Alternative Geographies of Asia in the New Millennium -
Second Meeting of the East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography (EARCAG)


14 December 2002


Sheraton Hotel, Hong Kong.  


Background: This is the Second Meeting of the East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography. The First Meeting was successfully held in Taegu, South Korea in January, 1999. It was decided at the end of the 1st meeting that the second was going to take place in Hong Kong. After almost three years of preparation, the Second Meeting was successfully convened from 6th to 9th December 2001, at the Wing Lung Bank Building, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Themes: There are close to 80 participants spanning many parts of the region, including Hong Kong, the mainland China, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, and other parts of the world such as the USA, the UK, Sweden, Finland and Bangladesh. There are over 50 papers covering basically three broad themes: (i) theoretical discussion on alternative geography; (ii/iii) gloablisation in Asia and China respectively. The conference, therefore, organizes three parallel sessions at any time slot to reflect these interests.

Highlights: The plenary session consists of three keynote speeches, namely:"Neoliberalism and the Geography of Hegemony", by Richard PEET, Clark University, USA; "Woman & Child Trafficking in Bangladesh: A Geographical Analysis", by Mohammad Kamal HOSSAIN, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; and "The New Global War in Afghanistan: 'Neo-liberalism' Vs 'Terrorism'? Who Pays its Cost?", by Fujio MIZUOKA, Hitotsubashi University, Japan.

Field Trips: The conference included two field trips as well to study the modern urban-industrial transformation in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province, and the politics of urban landscape in Hong Kong, on 6th and 9th December respectively.


Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University


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