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Cities in China: The Next Generation of Urban Research (Part 3) 


12-14 December 2004


Hong Kong Baptist University


The Conference on "Cities in China: The Next Generation of Urban Research (Part 3)" was attended by some 50 international scholars from the US, Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, Canada, the UK and Germany. A total 28 papers were presented by awardees of UCRN's Small Grant. These papers covered the following topics: (1) Migration Issues; (2) Labour, Unemployment, and Poverty; (3) Enterpreneurship, Investments, and Business Practice; (4) Living in the City; (5) The historical City; (6) Land Use and (Re-) Development; and (7) Urban Society. The grant awardees were joined by 22 prominent scholars on urban China who were there to act as discussants and commentators.


Urban China Research Network (UCRN), State University of New York at Albany


Department of Geography and the Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies (CURS), Hong Kong Baptist University

Conference participants
The presenter showing the data 
The presenter replying a question 
A group photo
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