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Changing Geography in a Diversified World - In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Hong Kong Baptist University


1-3 June 2006


Hong Kong Baptist University


This conference was jointly organized by the Department of Geography and CURS. Dr. Him Chung served as the chair of the Conference Organizing Committee, and Prof. Si-ming Li, Prof. Kenneth K.K. Wong, Dr. Mervyn R. Peart (Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong) and Prof. Tung Fung (Department of Geography and Resources and Mangement, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), served as the committee members.

This conference was one of the academic activities marking the University's 50th Anniversary. It aimed to celebrate the multiplicity of the discipline by gathering scholars that embrace this perspective. It also aimed to provide a platform for scholars from all parts of the world to discuss and debate geographical issues. Participants based on cultural, social, political, economic, environment and physical geographical research profiles were welcomed.

The conference was attended by more than 100 scholars from the USA, UK, China, Canada, Finland, India, Japan Taiwan and Hong Kong. The conference consisted of 23 paper sessions and more than 70 papers were presented.

Three very distinguished scholars were invited to be the keynote speakers in the conference; they were Prof. Erik Swynedouw of Oxford University, Prof. John Oliver of Indiana State University, and Prof. Wei-ning Xiang of the University of North Caroline at Charlotte. They were with specialties from geographical scale theories, to applied climatology and spatial modelling.


Centre for China Urban and Regioal Studies (HKBU), Department of Geography (HKBU)









Prof. Erik Swynedouw, Oxford University

Prof. John Oliver,  Indiana State University

Prof. Wei-ning  Xiang, University of North Caroline at Charlotte

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