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Upcoming Conferences and Workshops Worldwide



2015 (Nov): Regional Studies Association China Conference 2015: ‘Harmonious Development, Common Prosperity and the Transformation of Cities and Regions’, Hangzhou, China

2016 (May): The 2nd Int'l Conference on Real Estate and Urban Economics, Nanjing, China

2016 (Jul): 14th World Conference on Transport Research, Shanghai, China

2016 (Aug): the 33rd International Geographical Congress, Beijing, China

2016 (Sep): Urban Transitions 2016, Shanghai, China

2017 (Jun):International Association for China Planning Annul Conference, Harbin, China

2017 (July): 12th China Urban Housing Conference, Guangzhou, China

2017 (Nov): The 13th Workshop on Spatial Behavior Research and Planning, Hangzhou, China



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