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Workshop on Urban Living: Mobility, Sociability and Wellbeing


8-9 Jan 2015


Shanshui Hotel, Shenzhen, China


Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies, Hong Kong Bapstist University
Sun Yat-Sen University


As a field that has been well developed in economics and psychology, wellbeing (or quality of life) have emerged as a hot topic in geography and urban studies. Wellbeing is increasingly considered as an important criteria alternative to income growth to evaluate economic, social and urban developments. It also offers an important perspective to study urban issues such as socio-spatial segregation, housing, daily travel, mobility of the elderly, etc. This workshop aims to bring together academics, researchers and research postgraduates in the field of wellbeing and quality of life to share their latest researches. Papers and presentations on theoretical, methodological and empirical aspects of wellbeing studies and urban life are welcome. The purpose of this workshop is to share ideas and experiences and learn lessons from past and on-going research.


The workshop attracted more than 20 scholars from different parts of the world, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Britain etc., to share their works and understandings on this theme. The topic of mobility, sociability and wellbeing has become a research frontier in recent years. In the workshop, scholars explored and discussed this topic from various perspectives, such as the role of built environment, the role of community, ICT use etc. Attentions were also given to specific groups like elderly, residences in social housing communities, new generation migrant workers and undocumented African migrants. The papers presented in the workshop raised heated discussion and advanced our understanding about the mobility, sociability and wellbeing.

The workshop received good responses from the speakers and participants.

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