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Upcoming Conferences and Workshops Worldwide




2018(Jun): 2018 5th International Conference on Humanity and Social Science, Malaysia

2018 (Jun): A Decent Home for All: Homeownership and Housing Divide in China. (Call for Papers)

2018 (July): Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference, Sydney. (Call for Papers)

2018 (Jul): Society of Architectural & Urban Historians of Asia, Sydney.

2018(Jul): Urban Transformation and 'the New Style' of Urbanisation in China, Glasgow, UK.

2018 (Sep):Urban Transport 2018,Seville, Spain.

2018 (Sep): Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos, Zhoushan, China. (Call for Papers)

2018 (Oct): 3rd World Congress on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, Nanjing, China

2018(Nov):China’s New Urban Agenda- An International Dialogue on Sustainable Development, Manchester, U.K.

2018(Nov): 15th International Conference on Urban Health- Managing Urbanization for Health: A priority for all Nations, Kampala, Uganda

2019(March):Comparative Urbanism: Global Perspectives, Atlanta, USA.

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