Prof. C. H. Chow, Larry

Journal Articles
• (2011) (with Woo, C.K. and Owen, A.) “Guest Editors’ Introduction”, Energy Policy, 39(7): 3883-3884.
• (2011) “China's Energy Future: A Framing Comment”, Eurasian Geography and Economics, 52(4): 523-528

Conference papers
• (2012) “The World is not Running out of Oil” at the Sino-US Colloquium on “Resources Security & Global Safety” organised by the China Energy Fund Committee, 13 January.
• (2012) “A Realistic Assessment of Future Oil Prices: A Macro-view” at Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER), Taipei, Taiwan, 9 January.
• (2011) “The Future of Fuel Prices as Reflected in Oil Prices up to 2030” at the 2011 Cross-Straits Energy Economics Conference organised by the Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, PRC, 23 October

Journal Edited
• (2011) served as Guest Editor (with Woo, C. K. and Owen, A.) for the Special Section on “Renewable Energy Policy and Development”, Energy Policy, 39(7): 3883-4406, published in July 2011