Prof. Qiming Zhou

Journal Articles

(2017)(with Liu, H., Li, Q., Shi, T., Hu, S., Wu, G.) Development and application of Sentinel 2 MSI-based suspended particulate matter concentration models of Poyang Lake, Remote Sensing, 9, 761; doi:10.3390/rs9070761.

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Conference Papers

(2017)(with Huang, J.) Assessing regional water cycle and its response to climatic change in Central Asian aridzone, the First International Conference of SilkGIS, 24-26 May, Isfahan, Iran, CDROM

(2017) IT + Geography = GI Science? 《信息技术+地理科学=地理信息科学?》, paper presented at GI Science Symposium Series No. 1: Scientific Aspects of GIS (地理信息科学论坛【第一期】:GIS的科学问题), 15 April, Beijing.

(2017)(with Huang, J.) Analyzing the spatiotemporal change of GRACE-derived terrestrial water storage in aridzone of China, paper presented at American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2017, 5-9 April, Boston.

(2016) (with Liu, J.) Accurate assessment of solar energy and online public participatory services 《太阳能资源精细评估与公众在线服务》, invited speaker, The 4th Workshop on Smart Spatial Information Services (第四届空间信息智能服务研讨会), 17-19 December, Wuhan (in Chinese).

(2016)(with Zhang, F.) A GIS-based model for high-performance flow simulation, International Conference on Sustainable Environmental and Natural Resource Management (ISENRM 2016), 15 November, Kigali: 17-20.

(2016) On the geographical information science 《关于地理信息科学》, the 13th Annual Conference on Theory and Methodology of Geographical Information Science (第十三届中国地理信息科学理论与方法学术年会), 23-25 September, Shenzhen (in Chinese).

• (2015) (with F. Zhang) ‘Low-altitude remote sensing platform for estimating suspended sediment concentration in tropical cloudy environment’, Proceedings of the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2015, 26-31 July, Milan, Italy, on-line proceedings.

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• (2011) “Multi-scale Terrain Surface Representation and Its Application for Dynamic Flow Simulation”. Paper presented at International Forum on Geo-computation and Analysis, Wuhan, China

• (2011) (with SUN, B.) “Integration of Multi-source Images for Improving Spatial Resolution of Snow Depth Detection in Western China”. Proceedings of ISPRS at International Symposium on Image and Data Fusion, Tengchong, Yunnan, China

• (2011) “Use of Remote Sensing Technology for National Geographical Monitoring” (《遙感技術在地理國情監測中的應用》), keynote presentation at the 2011 Symposium on Government Information System and Public Service (2011年政務信息資源公共服務研討會), Chengdu, PRC, 16 August.

• (2011) “Dynamic Surface Flow Simulation Based on a Scale-adaptive DEM”, keynote presentation at the Geomorphometry 2011 Conference, Redlands, California, USA, 7-9 September.

• (2011) “Rainfall-runoff Simulation Based on a Scale-adaptive DEM” (《基於自適應尺度數位地形模型的降雨 — 徑流時空過程模擬》), keynote presentation at the 2011 Theory and Methodology Symposium of China Association of GIS (中國地理信息系統協會理論與方法委員會2011年學術研討會), Changchun, PRC, 24-25, September.