Dr. Xiaojiang Yu

Journal Articles
• (2012) (with Takata, K. & Dryland, E.) “Cultural attraction, ‘soft power’ and proximity: the popularity of Japanese language in Hong Kong since the 1980s”, Journal of Cultural Geography, 29 (3):315-336.
• (2012) (with Wong, K. K.) “Recreation conflict perception among visitors to Tuen Mun Park, Hong Kong, China: outgroup evaluation, resource specificity, and lifestyle tolerance”, Managing Leisure, 17(4):349-362.
• (2012) (with Sok. S. & Wong, K. K.) “Impediments to community fisheries management in Kompong Pou commune, Krakor District in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap”, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 33(3):398-413.