Prof. Yuk-shing Cheng

Journal Articles

•  (2017)(with Chen, B.) “The impacts of environmental regulation on industrial activities: evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in Chinese prefectures.” Sustainability, 9(4):571-589, 2017.

•  (2017)(with Cheng, Y. S., Cao, K. H., Woo, C. K., & Yatchew, A. "Residential willingness to pay for deep decarbonization of electricity supply: Contingent valuation evidence from Hong Kong." Energy Policy 109 (2017): 218-227.

 (2015)(with Woo, C.K., Li, R., Shiu, A., Ho, S.T. and Horowitz, I.) Cheng, Y.S., Can Hong Kong price-manage its cross-harbor-tunnel congestion? Transportation Research Part A, 82:94-109, 2015

• (2015) (with Woo, C. K., Law, A., Zarnikau, J., Ho, S. T., H.Y. Leung) Consumer Support for a Public Utilities Commission in Hong Kong, Energy Policy, 76: 87-97.

• (2015) (with Weng, W., Woo, C. K., Ho, S. T., & Horowitz, I.) ‘Public Trust and Corruption Perception: Disaster Relief, Applied Economics, 47(6): 4967-4981.

• (2015) (with with Becky Loo and Roger Vickerman) ‘High-speed rail networks, economic integration and regional specialisation in China and Europe’, Travel Behaviour and Society, 2(1): 1-14.

• (2014) (與李光泗) 〈粮食价格调控、制度成本与社会福利变化——基于两种价格政策的分析〉,《农业经济问题》,第8期, 6-12頁。

• (2011) “The Long History of United Front Activity in Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Journal. (published online)


Conference Paper
• (2012) gave a presentation on three women in Greek and Catholic Roman history at the sharing session of the 10-day Study Tour of Rome (3-12 December 2011) organized by LEWI, 13 January 2012.


Book Publication

(2017)(with Cheung, Y.L. and Woo, C.K. ) Hong Kong’s Global Financial centre and China’s Development, Routledge, 2017.

• (2012) The Catholic Church in China: 1978 to the Present. New York: Palgrave Macmillan