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Research Team

The CURS's research team is formed by scholars from various disciplines, including the departments of Geography, Sociology, History, Social Work, Government & International Studies and Economics, of Hong Kong Baptist University to initiate multi-dimensional and integrated studies on China urban and regional issues. This interdisciplinary team includes:


Prof. WANG Donggen (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling; Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Activity-Travel Behavior; Built Environment Transformation and Activity-Travel Behavior Change in China; GPS, GIS and Transportation; Time Allocation Modeling; Housing Choice and Tourism Behavior

Founding Director

Prof. LI Si-ming (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Urban-economic Geography; Transport Geography; Quantitative Methods; Urban Housing, especially China;
Regional Development, especially China; Urbanization and Population Mobility in China


Dr. CHENG Yuk Shing (Department of Economics)
Research interests: China's regional growth empirics and economic reforms (with special interest in rural and fiscal reforms)
Prof. CHU Y. Y. Cindy (Department of History)
Research interests: Contemporary China; Chinese Foreign Relations; Sino-American Relations (Political and Cultural); Hong Kong Politics
Dr. CHUNG Him (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Regional Geography of China; Urban–Rural Relations; Rural Transformation
Prof. CHUNG P. Y. Stephanie (Department of History)
Research interests: Social and Economic History; Business History; History of Business Laws and Customs; Chinese Family Business in South China and Southeast Asia
Dr. KANG Yi (Department of Government and International Studies)
Research interests: Comparative Linguistics; Language Learning Pedagogy, Multilingual Education in Hong Kong
Prof. LAI W. F. Gina (Department of Sociology)
Research interests: Mental Health; Social Networks; Gender Studies
Prof. LEE Kam Keung (Department of History)
Research interests: History of Fujian and Taiwan; History of Chinese Revolution; History of Christianity in Modern China
Dr. LO Tek Sheng, Kevin (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Energy policy and politics; Climate change and sustainability; Urban development and governance; Resettlement; Enclave urbanism; Northeast China
Dr. MAH Ngar-yin Daphne (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Sustainable energy (smart grids and renewable energy); Energy-related technological innovation; Comparative energy governance in Asia, China and Guangdong-Hong Kong region; Energy policy and politics in Hong Kong

Dr. PENG Yinni (Department of Sociology)
Research interests: Migration (Internal and International); Labor Politics; ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies); Gender and Society; Work, Employment and Management

Prof. RUAN Danching (Department of Sociology)
Research interests: Social Network Analysis; Comparative Sociology; Sociology of Chinese Societies
Prof. TANG Wing Shing (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Urban Planning under Socialism
Dr. TAM Ka-chai(Department of History)
Research interests: Chinese Legal History; Maritime History of East Asia; Economic Development and Social Order of Ming-Qing China; History of the Chinese Book; Historical Geographic Information System.
Dr. Barber, Lachlan B(Department of Geography)
Research interests: Culture in the city; Critical heritage studies; Mobility studies; Hong Kong and the Pacific Rim; Cultural geographies of construction and infrastructure

Prof. WONG Victor C. W. (Department of Social Work)
Research interests: Health; Youth; Social Policy; Public Sector Management
Dr. YANG Chun (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Urban and regional development in China, particularly the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong; Global production networks, transnational corporations and local development in China; Regional innovation systems and geography of indigenous entrepreneurship; Industrial clusters and foreign direct investment; Cross-border regions and geopolitics of mega city-region governance in China
Prof. ZHOU Qiming (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Change detection and land cover modelling with remote sensing; DTM-based terrain analysis; Spatial decision support systems; 3-dimensional GIS; GIS and remote sensing applications
 Dr. HAO Pu (Department of Geography)
Research interests: Urban and regional development in China; Migrantion and Mobility; Informal settlements and economy; Urban housing
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