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Upcoming Conferences and Workshops Worldwide






2014(Dec): The 19th International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies, Hong Kong

2014(Dec): The Second International Conference on Regional and Urban Development, Guangzhou, China

2015 (Jan): 第八屆海峽兩岸GIS發展研討會, 香港

2015 (Apr): Symposium on Space-time Behavior and Planning in Urban China
2015 AAG Annual Meeting, , April 21-25, Chicago, USA

2015 (May):The Next Generation of Urban China Research, 8-9 May 2015, Rhode Island, USA

2015 (May): The Global City, Past and PresentWorkshop 1: “Space”,14-15 May 2015, Scotland

2015 (Jun): The 3rd Conference on China Urban Development-International Conference on Urbanization and Urban Transformation in China, June 5-7, 2015, Shanghai, China

2015 (Jun): The 4th International Workshop on Regional, Urban, and Spatial Economics in China, Tsinghua University, June 6-7, 2015, Beijing, China

2015 (Jul): 全國土地資源開發整治與新型城鎮化建設學術研討會, 河南安陽

2015 (Jul): the 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEUP2015), July 25-27, 2015, Beijing, China

2015 (Jul): Historical Geographies of the Chinese City: (Dis-) continued Tradition and Plural Urbanisms, London, UK

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