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2017(Dec): International Forum on China's Economy and Policy 2017, Hong Kong.

2017(Dec): International Energy Executive Forum 2018, Beijing.

2017(Dec): The 5th International Conference on Sociality and Humanities, Hong Kong. (Call for papers)

2017 (Dec): 9th Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) World Conference, Shenzhen, China.

2017(Dec): 2nd International Conference on Architecture and Urban Planning, Hangzhou, China. (Call for Papers)

2017(Dec): 4th Conference of Transportation Research Group of Inda, Mumbal, India.

2018 (Feb): Active Living Research Annual Conference, Banaff, Canada. (Call for Papers)

2018(Feb): 2018 China Development Forum (CDF): China's Perspectives Redefined, London.

2018(Mar): 2018 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Buildings, Xiamen.

2018 (Mar): Constructing an Urban Future: The Sustainability and Resilience of Cities - Infrastructures, Communities and Architectures, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2018 (Apri): 2018 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting: Politics, Governance and its mechanism in China's urbanism, New Orleans, USA.

2018 (Apri): 2018 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting:Entreprepreneurial urbanism 2.0: Local and comparative perspectives, New Orleans, USA.  

2018 (Apri): 2018 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting: Education-led Gentrification in Global Context, New Orleans, USA.

2018 (Jun): A Decent Home for All: Homeownership and Housing Divide in China. (Call for Papers)

2018(Jun): 2018 5th International Conference on Humanity and Social Science, Malaysia

2018 (July): Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference, Sydney. (Call for Papers)

2018 (Jul): Society of Architectural & Urban Historians of Asia, Sydney.

2018 (Sep): Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos, Zhoushan, China. (Call for Papers)


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