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Conference Visitation/Summer Class / Study Tour Seminars Workshop /  Forum

Activities with the AP 21


International Conference on Spatial and Social Transformation in Urban China  (13-14 Dec 2012)
International Conference on China Urban Development (7-8 Dec 2010)
International Conference on China’s Urban Land and Housing in the 21st Century (13-15 Dec 2007)
Changing Geography in a Diversified World: In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Hong Kong Baptist University (1-3 June 2006)
Paper Sessions on "Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei: History, Culture and Urban Development" on The 6th Baptist-Tsinghua Joint Conference (18-20 May 2006)
Conference on Cities in China: The Next Generation of Urban Research (Part 3) (12 - 14 December 2004)
International Conference on Globalization, the State, and Urban Transformation in China (15 - 17 December 2003)
7the Conference of The Hong Kong Society For Transportation Studies (14 December 2002)
Second Meeting of the East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography: Alternative Geographies of Asia in the New Millennium (6 - 9 December 2001)
Visitation/Summer Class / Study Tour


Six scholars from Guangzhou Association of Social Science visited CURS on 9 November 2006.
Study Tour to the Pearl River and Yangtze River Delta Regions (25 May - 6 June 2006)
Geography of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (19 May - 3 June 2004)


Cross-Strait Political Economy: Relevance of Hong Kong-China Re-unification Experience? (1 December 2005)  
The Political Geography of the Macau-Hong Kong Bridge Proposals (27 June 2005) 
Container Port Development in China: Where, How and Why (7 March 2001)
The Language and Politics of Discontent in New Millennium China (27 September 2001)
中國城市化戰略目標及其關鍵性對策 (25 September 2001)
Workshop / Forum


Workshop on Historical GIS: Dialogue Between Geographers and Historians (22 Mar 2012)
Workshop on "Multi-city Survey Project" (1-2 June 2006)
4th Baptist-Tsinghua Joint Conference - An International Conference on "China in the World in the 21the Century: Hot Development Issues in Contemporary China (22 - 25 May 2001)
Public Forum on "Strategic Integration of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province" (21 May 2001)
One-Day Pre-AAG Conference Workshop on scale issues in association with the process of globalization and its impacts on urban transformation in China (19 March 2002) 
Activities with the AP 21


Forum on Hong Kong-Macau Convergence - First Dinner Gathering (2 March 2006)
The 11th International Symposium on Coordination of Chinese Economic Systems (9-12 December 2005)
The 9th International Symposium on Coordination of Chinese Economic Systems (10-11 January 2004) 



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